Kolektor Tesla Jihlava s.r.o.:

The perfect link between best-cost production
and established know-how
in development and engineering!


66 years of production electromechanical
parts for electronics

60 years of experience with design and manufacture of electromechanical components:

50 years - only in CZECH55 years - only in CZECH
1958:  Establishment of TESLA Jihlava (a branch plant of public ownership
            TESLA Lanskroun with production of capacitors winding) 
1964:  Start of production of flat contact connectors, beginning of
             the transformation range of products
1971:  The introduction of new types connectors with hyperbolic contacts
1981:  TESLA Jihlava turns into independend company
1987:  Beginning of production of membrane keyboards
1989:  Starting of production of DIN 41612 connectors
1992:  Formation of private company TESLA Jihlava, a.s. focused to 
            - custom connectors for automotive industry
            - connectors according to the DIN 41 612 standard
            - connectors with hyperbolic contacts ( Hypcon) 
            - membrane keyboards
            - custom electromechanical subassembly
            - precision turned parts for electromechanical industry
1997:  Quality system certification according to the ISO 9001 standard
2000:  Opening of attenuation of remaining previous range
            (electromechanical components for electronics) and father
            development for automotive industry
2001:  Quality system certification for automotive industry according to the
            VDA 6.1 
2003:  Environmental management certification according to the ISO 14001
2005:  •  Quality system certification according to the ISO/TS 16949 standard
             •  Establishment of TT Klavesnice, a.s. company
             •  Closed plasing conclusion of original production, in range of
               standard components were kept only Hypcon contacts, circular
               connectors FRB and DIN 41612 connectors
2006:  •  A new hall opened in own premise in Jihlava - Hruskove Dvory
             •  Division structure of TESLA Jihlava
2007:  •  Establishment of Decoleta, a.s. company
             •  Move of TESLA Jihlava from the town centre in to the Jihlava´s
                industry zone - Hruskove Dvory, the sale of the old complex
                Havlickova 30
             •  Formation of companies:  MODIA, a.s., TT METEA, a.s. separeted                 from TESLA Jihlava, a.s.
2008:  Put into operation firstly fully automated robotic line at injection moulding
2010:  Opening of another building in company area (a new water connection, a new
            dinning  room, a new partial boiler-room,...)
2011:  Building of a new hall - warehouse materials
2012:  The change of shareholders, the incorporation of company TESLA Jihlava, a.s. into
            of group CONTTEK, and the change name - TESLA Jihlava, s.r.o.
2017:  CONTTEK and TESLA Jihlava are acquired by Kolektor.
2018:  The name change to Kolektor Tesla Jihlava s.r.o.