Spring Sports challenge 2020

We followed up with the 2018 contest. Any permanent employee of our company was able to participate in this competition through the categories - walking, running and cycling always in the spirit of fair play. This spring sports challenge began on 20th March and ended on 20th June 2020. 21 sports funds were attended. Every realistically sports away 1 kilometre our company donated by 1 krone for charitable purpose to the Regional Charity in Jihlava. This year we decided to contribute to a wheelchair accessible entrance in the garden housing placed in Charity house in Mahenova street No. 16 in Jihlava. Our sportsmen and sportswomen walked together 5.010,76 km, run 397,43 km and rode on a bicycle 7.704,90 km. For these sports activities our company Kolektor Tesla Jihlava contributed amount of 13.113 Kč. Among staff, who wanted to support this charitable purpose, we raised an extra 2.700 Kč. On 8th July 2020 the total valeu of 15.813 Kč was handed over by our managing director Mr. Boštjan More to Mrs. Fexová - managing director of Jihlava´s charity.

The jubilant 50th machine

The newest addition in our plastic injection department is the purchared plastic injection machine brand Arburg 1200T with rotary table from February. This machine is part of a new automated line, that represents new concept of automated department with regard to its maximum using. This robotic department will not be used only for single purpose but currently is being devepoled for two different projects

Our firm and COVID-19


Kolektor Tesla Jihlava currently does not plan the close the operation relating the pandemic and continues to operate in the normal mode for its customers.

For the protection of emloyees and to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19, a number of measures have been taken, including prohibition of external visit, limited contacts with drivers, use of protective equipment, keeping a safe distance etc.

The new M 7030 measuring system at stamping department.


In November we bought a new measuring device that it suitable for measuring of 2D parts, that are on flat contacts. The advantage it, that it unnecessary to attach, fix or orient parts. We can only put them on the instrument´s glass. The subsequent evaluation takes 5 seconds and it is possible to create and store a protocol from the measurement. This new investment has brought us great time saving during measure of many products at stamping department.

New laboratory equipment in chemical laboratory.


In October we equipped our chemical lab with a device called a pH-meter with large range of uses and easier manipulation, than our previous unit. Maintenance is also facilitated, by the device being able to guard necessary calibration intervals on its own and continuously can verify its measurement stability.

The second device is the UV-VIS spectrophotometer, on which we measure concentrations of some metal materials and organics additives in the plating baths. Big different from previous device is that on the spectrophotometer can be measured four samples at a time.

Audits of quality management system and environment


In June 2019 was succesfully done re-certificated audit systems for environmental management of company in accordance with ISO 14001. In July the second controlled audit quality management system in accordance with IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 succesfully passed off in our company.

New assembly device for our customer


This device is used fior assembly of contacts and plastic parts in to body of products. On this device there are used some new technologies for us. Inserting of all parts are monitored by camera system, insert of contacts in done by servo-pressed units Kistler. In next step one plastic part is fixed by Ulrasonic "riveting". After electronic control the part is marked by DMC code by using of laser and packed in to trays.

Information system SAP


In a range of integration in to Kolektor Group was system Altec application replaced in the beginning of 2019 for new system SAP. This change was implemented in all departments and divisions in our company. There were bought for systematic activities of SAP new printers of labels, mobil terminals with linear readers and 2D codes and further necessary accessories for set up of WIFI net in selected places of production and in storage departments

New automated line for our customer


Because we have positive experiences with automation and with robotic elements, we gained project consists of three parts. These parts will be produced on a line, which is consists of injection machine for resins with rotary table and from automated cell completed together by five robots and some quantity of manipulated accessories. Vibration units supply robots by needed contacts. Indivisible part of line is a control station with electrical test and for detecting of visual or shape deformation. After  ioning cleaning the produced part is packed by helping of integrated package line. It is absolutely complex solution for production of demanding parts.

New rack plating line for laboratory plating


From April 2018 we succesfully started process of new rack plating line. This line extends our possibilities in plating of prototype or small production sets.

Digital microscop VHX-6000


In February 2018 we bought digital microscop VHX-6000 from japan company Keyence, which is top equipment in area of laboratory device. System of this equipment provides us to measure opticly and makes snaps with high zoom (up 2000x) in high deep of intensity in range up to 4.9 cm. This is also a part of modern technology for 3D scanning.

This new measuring device helps us to make weork in laboratory more effective and confirms high technological level of our company in another way than only in production area.

District Jihlava sportsman 2017


The ceremonial announcement of the polls took place on 22 March 2018 in the House of Culture and Rest of Jihlava. Our company has been the general partner of the event for several years. The director of Michal Janouškovec handed over the best coach award. The guide of the whole evening was a popular moderator Vlastimil Korec. The results of the Survey of the Children´s and Young People´s House, Reading Surveys of Jihlava´s Leaves, the Mayor of Jihlava Award for Sport Benefits were announced, and finally the visitors were acquainted with the results of the Jihlava Region´s Best Sportsman Survey. The accompanying program was performed by the singer Anna Julie Slováčková, the dance group Nart dance school, Elvis club and Chrisstar, and the Bohemia show group performed by acrobatic art.

60 years of production of electromechanical parts 1958 - 2018


TESLA Jihlava was established on 1.4.1958 and it launched production of roll-type and suppressor capacitors in the buildings of previous tabacco company. Since 1967 it has become as specialized manufacturer of constructional parts for electronics in the whole corporation of TESLA companies. In 1992 our company passed through the privatization, it had to limit the large production assortment impact over the giant influx of foreign competitive companies and fast development of technology, for which the original parts became out of dated. This was the reason why the activities of our company have been focused on the field of assembly for foreign customers and gradual obtaining of suppliers of electromechanical parts for automotive and electronics. Since 2007 our company has been located in the new production area "indoor" in the industrial zone Jihlava and since 1.1.2018 we have became a part of a multinational company Kolektor based in Slovenian Idrija and we accepted the name Kolektor Tesla Jihlava s.r.o. Our goal is to produce high quality parts and subassemblies for the automotive industry. The satisfied customer will quarantee the further development of company and social security of staff.

New entry to our company


As of 1.2.2018, a new entrance to our company was put into full operation. The road to us has changed, as shown in the map on the right. The entrance has an automatic gate end barriers that distinguish between employees and others. These "others" (guests, suppliers or carriers) must report to reception by phone. The movement of vehicles in the area is limited by traffic signs and all drivers have to travel very coutiously also because of the increased pedestrian movement.

GPS:  N 49 25.0104 E 15 36.2946  (49.41684N, 15.60491E)

New name our company


From 1.1.2018 our company have a new business name:

Kolektor Tesla Jihlava s.r.o.

All other data, including contact information, remaind unchanged. 

Ouality Management


In October 2017, after a successful audit, we obtained a Quality Management Certificate IATF 16949 - 2016 for automotive industry. In addition to the quality management, we also own the ISO 9001 certificate and the ISO 14001 cerificate for environmental management.

New injection moulding machines


Two new ARBURG injection moulding machines with rotary tables were bought at the end of October 2015. Both machines are equipped with automating components for fully automated production of hybrid parts.

New electroplating line - silver and tin plating, reel to reel technology


Since the beginning of October 2015 we have been preparing a set up of new silver and tin plating reel to reel galvanic line. New line will be equipped with up-to date managing and monitoring system and should be ready for production in the middle of 2016.

2D codes


More than one year we have been using 2D codes in our raw material warehouse. Material after income evidence and inspection is marked by label with 2D code, which can be read subsequently by PDA terminal (a portable hand computer). Now we can do any relevant operation in our information system on-line with reduced probability of mistake.

Air-conditioning of injection moulding department was completely finished


The last phase of air-conditioning of the injection moulding department was completely finished at the end of September 2015. The second shop floor was also equipped with the air-conditioning units. Air-conditioning helps to eliminate negative influence of outer environment such as dust an high summer temperatures. This way we will improve the working conditions of our employees.

New system of evidence for maintenance of moulds and tools


An electronic system for evidence of moulds and tools maintenance was implemented during September. This modul is an extension of our information system. Now we can easily follow the history of each and every mould and tool. We have precise information about the number of parts produced and also the information about necessary maintenance and repairs.

New injection moulding machine


At the and of July, a new ARBURG vertical injection moulding machine extended our range of manufacturing equipment. The increased our ability to produce customer´s hybrid parts (insert of metal parts in plastic).

Free capacity for silver barrel plating


We increased the capacity for silver barrel plating at the beginning of December 2014. It deals with fully automated line, operated by a computer, where the parts made of copper and its alloys are coated by a silver layer in the vibration barrels. We offer you short delivery term and according to your request we can draw a protocol about measurement of thickness provided by X - Ray measuring device.

Extension of the central drying system


Central drying of granulate system was installed in the second half of plastic injection shop early in June 2015, where is presently situated 9 plastic injection machines. We are able to achieve better energy efficiency, higher level of cleanness of enviroment and produced parts and increasing of space capacity. A implemented software Piovan WIN Factory continuous monitoring of the drying process allows the process of drying continuously.

Spring company party


A spring party was arranged for employees of TESLA Jihlava, it took place in the outside garden area of Bueno Vista restaurant on 6th June 2015. Atmosphere was pleasant, food excelent and people had a good time until early morning hours.

New injection moulding machine


A new injection moulding machine Arburg 370S-700-170 was obtained for plastic injection shop on 29th May 2015.

New cut wire


On 28th. May 2015 our tool shop machine pool was expanded by a new wire EDM machine GF CUT 20005. The ultra modern wire EDM assembly line meets the highest criteria and will increase our ability to produce high precision spare for moulds and stamping tools.

The measuring department in new area


The measuring department was moved closer to the testing laboratory in the midle of May 2015. The reason was achieving higher flexibility, speed of work and capacity utilization.

The best sportsman of 2014 in the Jihlava region


The 15th season of the competition for the best sportsman of 2014, was held on 19th March 2015 in DKO Jihlava, Company TESLA Jihlava was a general partner of this event.

Tool room and technical services


A new department - "Tool room and technical services" was created from 1st March 2015. This new division deals with maintenance of all the machines, production tools, assembly and controlling devices. Maintenance will be centralized, which will enable to increase its flexibility and to improve cooperation with other divisions of the company.

New injection moulding machines


During January 2015 we purchased three new injection moulding machines, produced by the company Arburg. We extended equipment of our shopfloor of plastic moulding by another two lines. Concretely two injection machines - Arburg and Engel with a turntable.

The new shopfloor of electrical control


A new workshop of 100% electrical control has been under construction since January 2015. All related workplaces have been concentrated into this shopfloor, hereby we can gain free space necessary for the installation of new machines. We will create better working conditions, which include lighting, better manipulation with parts and possibility of better ergonomics at individual work stations.

Christmas party


The company Christmas party took place at the former "TESLA" plant, current terraces of Jihlava on 13th December 2014 . The party was connected with the possibility of guided tour of renovated spaces of this complex. As usual it was arranged along with an excellent service such as delicious food and quality drinks while pleasant music was played for dancing.

Refurbishment of the coating line reel to reel


We began with the refurbishment of electroplating line reel to reel in October 2014 because of the fact that key parts of the machine became outdated and also because of the limited width of strips, which were possible to be processed on this line. In the future we will manage to coat strips up to width of 90 milimetres and we can also coat them by matt tin. Concurrently some technological operations, which will increase reliability of preliminary treatment (specifically of grease removal), were added. Due to the reconstruction of this line we gained wider range of options how to meet customers´requirements.

Ventilation of the moulding department of plastic


The project for ventilation of the moulding department of plastic was successfully finished in November 2014. This device brings fresh air through filters, which contributes to higher cleanliness of the shopfloor. It enables circulatory system, which decreases emissions resulted from the production process and it laso lowers intake of outside dirtiness. The working conditions of our employees were also improved, who work in this hall - we remove cumulative heat from process in the production hall during warm months and recuperation of warmth by heating up supplied air during winter months.

Visit of colleagues from Conttek company


Our colleagues from our sisters´ company Conttek GmbH visited us on 3rd October 2014. They had the possibility to look around our production spaces. That day was finished by common dinner.

New machine


TESLA Jihlava purchased the new plastic injection press machine - Arburg 420C-1000-290 in September 2014.

Recertification audit


During 18th - 19th August 2014 the recertification audit according to ISO/TS 16949 standard successfully passed off in our company. Product quality assurance and hereby satisfaction of our customers is not just the matter of quality department or management of our company. We all participate in assurance of quality and each of us contributes by own work to our professional corporate responsibility. We would like to thank all those, who assisted in the successful course of all audit and they helped by their proactive attitude to problem solving.

Spring company party


The spring company party took place in a stylish pub "Gambrinus Image". Cooks prepared a lot of various delicacies, recorded music played for dancing. Everybody enjyoed it, they left satisfied and they were looking forward to the next event.

Wire cutting machine


We purchased the wire cutting machine in June 2014, which enabled us to develop the technology of electro-erosive cutting of semi-finished products for spare parts of moulds and stamping tools.

Central drying and transport of granulates of plastic materials in the plastic press injection department


Local drying of materials at each machine was substituted by the central dryer with distribution into separated machines. Test running finished at the end of May 2014 and followingly this device was put into permanent operation. The main reason for purchasing of this device was to increase effectivity of drying and thereby reach energy saving of electricity, improvement of clealinness of working environment and elimination of single drying devices as sources of heat.

New website design


On 9.7.2013 we officially launched the website in a new design that is tailored to the membership of TESLA Jihlava, s.r.o. company in the CONTTEK Group. The content of the pages will continue to be updated on an ongoing basis, to help you in this way to provide new and useful information.





Change of a legal form of TESLA Jihlava

Change of a legal form of TESLA Jihlava

At 1.10.2012 has been finished the merge of our company TESLA Jihlava, a.s. in the company Boredo one, s.r.o. At the same time the name of successional company has been changed to TESLA Jihlava, s.r.o.
Videlicet the legal form of our company, ID number and VAT ID has been changed in the given date. Next dates, such as location, phone and fax numbers, bank accounts, website, etc., remain the same (without change). Details about this change you can find in the encolsed documents.
From 1.10.2012:
TESLA Jihlava, s.r.o.                                 ID No.:        24140635
Hruškové Dvory 53                                   VAT ID:  CZ24140635
586 01 Jihlava, CZ
Registration in Business register: 1.10.2012, Regional court Brno, C - 73734
tel.:  (+420) 567 113 476
fax:  (+420) 567 113 759


In February 2012 company TESLA Jihlava became a member of CONTTEK group. Group CONTTEK is well-know German producer of hybrid components (metal - plastics) and precise stamped parts for automotive and electroindustry.
There will be no change for current customers with this step as whole production range remains unchanged. TESLA Jihlava will further develop plastic injection moulding and related processes acording to its strategy.

Changed registred office

Změna sídla
TESLA Jihlava, a.s. changed registred office from 24.6.2008. New registred office is now the same as production site:

TESLA Jihlava, a.s.
Hruskove Dvory 53
586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic

All other entries (VAT-ID, phone numbers, ...) remain unchanged.


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- Air-conditioning of injection moulding department was completely finished

- New system of evidence for maintenance of moulds and tools

- New injection moulding machine

- Free capacity for silver barrel plating

- Extension of the central drying system

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- New injection moulding machine

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- The best sportsman of 2014 in the Jihlava region

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- New injection moulding machines

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- Ventilation of the moulding department of plastic

- Visit of colleagues from Conttek company

- New machine

- Recertification audit

- Spring company party

- Wire cutting machine

- Central drying and transport of granulates of plastic materials in the plastic press injection department

- New website design

- Change of a legal form of TESLA Jihlava


- Changed registred office