Our vision

Company vision:

To build and on worldmarket to keep competitive company, that will develop, produce and deliver of quality and succesfull parts and components for electromechanical and automotive industry.


Kolektor Tesla Jihlava´s mission:

We conduct bussiness in order to guarantee:

  • quality products and services to all of our customers and that without harming the ambient environment.
  • To secure the name of Kolektor Tesla Jihlava s.r.o. company in the region of Jihlava
  • To secure the satisfaction our employees, job stability, pleasant and safe work environment
  • Profit to the shareholders of our company



The accomplishment of company´s vission and mission is possible to gradual fruition, from that the basic are:

  • profit
  • sale
  • quality


Our strategy:

Using of the following strategy we purpose to keep our objective:

  • to build the partnership with our main customers
  • to recruit new customers by using of all available marketing methods including development of own products
  • to keep current customers with emphasic on quality and logistic
  • common product development in cooperation with customers
  • permanent decrease of all kind of expenses
  • permanent incerase of productivity of labor
  • continual improving of all processes
  • the relationship to supplier and cooperation with them



Our credo:

  Quality product  =    
    Satisfied customer  =  
      Social certainties to employees